Olive, 22. Student.

tumblr: vitalemontea.tumblr.com

teen wolf clothing: curlyfries.spreadshirt.com

Misc. about Me:

I am a psychology and sociology undergraduate student. I am obsessed with fashion. I love shoes. My bookcases, converted into shoe shelves, does not fit all my shoes. I love sewing, knitting, DIY isque things.

I love to travel. I have been to Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Prague, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, and Belgium.

I am a foodie. I am brokeass broke, but I would always splurge on food and scrimp for rent. It doesn’t need to be organic vegan dishes, it just has to be good food. Best place to eat? London for the variety of East Asian ethnic food*, Taiwan for the night market of cheap snack hand foods, and Hong Kong for the large variety of seafood.